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65 Big Industries Blockchain Could Transform

With rapid deployment, you can expect your application to be up as soon as you get it out. Manders said Corda has a strong chance of becoming the de facto network of insurance-related transaction processing. However, it faces competition from other federated blockchain networks that can process transactions faster and cheaper. Shawn Amundson, CTO of Bitwise IO and Hyperledger Sawtooth maintainer, said the most common applications are for developing supply chain systems and customizing Sawtooth for specific purposes, such as novel consensus algorithms. Get the lowdown on the major features, differentiators, strengths and weaknesses of the blockchain platforms getting the most buzz — and real-world deployments.

Arcade City, for example, facilitates all transactions through a blockchain system. The startup operates similarly to other ride-hailing companies but allows drivers to establish their rates , with the blockchain logging all interactions. In 2015, Visa partnered with transaction management startupDocuSign to use blockchain to streamline car leasing — transforming it into a “click, sign, and drive” process.

list of blockchain platforms

Its key weaknesses include slow processing times and higher transaction processing costs compared to other platforms. Besides its role as a blockchain platform that underpins enterprise applications, it has its own cryptocurrency called ether. The platform supports a dynamically upgradable protocol and modular software clients that enable it to adapt to new uses. The Tezos community has been upgrading the platform at a rapid clip, with recent enhancements that have improved performance and increased the size limit on smart contracts. It has also developed tools to help automate the process of weaving NFTs into enterprise supply chains.

Top 10 Blockchain Trends Of 2022

The “paperless operation” was used for vessel arrival/departure, bills of lading, and cargo tracking. The Blockchain in Transport Alliance has been formed to develop industry standards and educate its Blockchain Platforms network of members. It’s the largest commercial blockchain alliance in existence, and its nearly 500 members are developing the frameworks that will change the trucking and transport industries.

list of blockchain platforms

Photochain uses blockchain tech to store licensing and copyright information for stock images related to the medical and science industries. Thanks to blockchain, creators have new ways to make money on social media. Twitter now allows tipping of creators with Bitcoin, while TikTok is partnering with NFT artists to create art that is based on viral content on the platform. Chingari, an Indian short video platform, has launched an NFT marketplace for content creators on its platform. In 2017, Spotify acquired blockchain startup Mediachain, which had been developing a “decentralized media library,” to better identify the rights holders of songs on Spotify’s platform for royalties payments. Muzika, a blockchain-based music streaming platform, partnered with Binance, a crypto-exchange network, to try to help independent artists make money from their listeners.

Financial Services

Cardano has an Ouroboros consensus mechanism that is a secure version of the Proof-of-stake algorithm. Here, every transaction is checked only by network participants, and there is no need to check them at every node. An account model records the balance, whereas the UTXO model is analogous to cash with serial numbers in your wallet. The account model is used in the blockchain platforms Ethereum, Stellar, Tron and EOSIO.

  • It also has an active developer community orchestrated by the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, which has more than 250 members, including Intel, JPMorgan and Microsoft.
  • So, in turn, it depends mainly on privacy and security, provided by API.
  • The Tezos community has been upgrading the platform at a rapid clip, with recent enhancements that have improved performance and increased the size limit on smart contracts.
  • These tokens are integrated with smart contracts and are provided as rewards for certain activities.
  • Thus, without a doubt, Ethereum is doing something right, which makes it a great option.

When it comes to global trade, blockchain could play a helpful role in traceability, ensuring proof of delivery and securely tracking contract details without the risk of data being altered. Startups like Bleexy are developing decentralized blockchain utilities to connect manufacturers, brands, retailers, third-party sellers, content providers, and consumers, without a middleman. The adoption of blockchain could help streamline the public assistance system, which is often bogged down by bureaucracy.

However, in May 2020, Telegram announced it would discontinue the project following unresolved negotiations with the SEC. A number of messaging platforms are integrating blockchain- and crypto-related capabilities into their apps to enhance user security and privacy. IBM has also proposed blockchain technology as a way for governments to control the source and sale of cannabis. Walmart and Sam’s Club joined IBM’s Food Trust network, which uses a blockchain distributed ledger.

Blockchain Platforms

You can build highly scalable dApps in different sectors like finance, insurance, energy, healthcare, and many more, no matter what your business is about. Currently, various dApps are built on the Stellar blockchain network because of its micropayment services, asset exchanges, and global payment apps. On top of that, the Ethereum platform also has an active community of more than 250 developers. All the Ethereum protocol developers are aiming to eliminate the presence of third parties in every field. The developers can easily build dApps related to finance, cryptocurrency wallets, games, and much more.

Using a blockchain ledger can create a more efficient system, opening the door for faster innovation, better-regulated production, and smarter medical data security. Real estate blockchain applications can help record, track, and transfer land titles, property deeds, liens, and more, and can help ensure that all documents are accurate and verifiable. Many insurance blockchain initiatives include cross-border partnerships or deal with cross-border transactions, leveraging the immutability and version control aspects of blockchain tech.

IBM has also invested in creating a user-friendly interface to simplify critical tasks, such as setting up, testing and rapidly deploying smart contracts. There are many things to consider when choosing a blockchain platform, including performance and cost. Ethereum also provides you with a large online community to help you with development purposes. If employment and criminal records were stored in a blockchain ledger , HR professionals could streamline the vetting process and move hiring processes forward more quickly.

Meanwhile, in Decentraland’s virtual world, people can walk around and explore properties owned by users. They can pay to enter clubs, play games, join space adventures, and try out other experiences the world’s builders have dreamt up. In 2022, the platform partnered with the Australian Open to host a virtual-reality tennis tournament, complete with a digital recreation of the Rod Laver Arena and virtual meet-ups with professional players. That said, governments can still censor the block explorers used for scanning a blockchain, as China did in the case of the activist student’s letter.

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Traditionlly, only governments, the military, and global corporations have the money, people, and infrastructure to take on huge projects. This is a category worth paying close attention to because it represents the much larger, more powerful shift that blockchains enable. The Bitcoin and alt-coin bull market are fun to watch, but it’s the new business models — and even societal models — that crypto enables that will be the real disruption. It also helps to detect some forms of trading data manipulation like ticker stuffing and valium spamming.

list of blockchain platforms

For example, Winding Tree has been working with hotels, airlines, and tourism offices to provide a decentralized B2B travel marketplace. Hotels upload their app’s API to the marketplace to make it accessible to online travel agencies . The two businesses can transact directly with each other to allow the OTA to start selling the hotel’s inventory right away. Other blockchain apps, such as Winding Tree’s decentralized travel marketplace, are removing the need for agents. American Airlines uses the marketplace to allow the employees of one large corporate firm to book leisure travel tickets at a corporate rate, without going through a travel management company. The startup operates in Bangalore and is planning to launch in more cities across India.

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Whereas the value created by companies that run SAP accrues to SAP, here the value goes to the token holders who have a direct interest in improving the functionality and efficiency of your company. Aragon’s vision is to make new company setup a plug-and-play experience. It offers any would-be entrepreneur the ability to set up company ownership , issue tokens, and raise funds for a project in a matter of minutes. And you can set rules for the new company’s governance by creating rules for which tokens have voting rights and what percentage of tokens need to vote on a motion, project, or rule for it to become law.

A large part of its value comes from an ability to use it as a private and secure online transaction method. So, in turn, it depends mainly on privacy and security, provided by API. No one is going to use a transaction method that has a long and laborious transaction completion process for day to day operations. There is no need to worry about immutability, security, and decentralization in blockchain-based finance applications. The Ethereum community is in the process of migrating from the existing proof of work consensus mechanism to proof of stake , which is more energy-friendly. This migration has required an elaborate process to spin up a separate, new type of blockchain called a Beacon chain that is being merged into the existing, main Ethereum blockchain.

It makes managing relationships between players, from farmers to stock traders, centralized and secure. Chronicled, for example, launched the MediLedger Network with several large drug companies and drug supply chain giants in 2017. The project uses a blockchain-based system to track who touched what drug at what time to verify pharmaceutical returns. Although this project is a novel use case, it comes with practical applications. Church’s genomic NFT encodes the digital location of his full genomic data, which is hosted on the Oasis Network, a distributed network created by Oasis Labs.

The group has also recently launched a technical preview of Corda Payments, which simplifies the process for building distributed payment capabilities into apps. Partnerships with existing trading networks and exchanges will help blockchain take off in the space. Blockchain company Chain, which was acquired by Stellar in 2018, helped orchestrate a live blockchain integration that successfully connected Nasdaq’s stock exchange and Citi’s banking infrastructure. More recently, Nasdaq partnered with R3 to build a platform — using R3’s enterprise blockchain software solution Corda — that financial institutions can use to create and manage their own digital asset marketplaces.

The government censored the letter from WeChat, the country’s predominant super app, and other sites and platforms. In response, an unidentified person posted the letter on the Ethereum blockchain — where it will continue to exist for as long as the blockchain remains. The transaction action was largely symbolic, though, as it will be difficult to find that message without knowing its hex code or transaction ID. For example, encrypted messaging appTelegram raised $1.7B from private investors before canceling the public sale of its planned $1.2B initial coin offering . About a year later, the company launched the test client for its blockchain-based TON .

RecycleGO’s blockchain-based software can enable recycling companies to better track, and therefore better optimize, their recycling activities across their local supply chain. This open-source blockchain platform is one of the few that offer both decentralized hosting and application storage with smart contract capabilities. It’s also capable of integrating your preferred components, including membership services and consensus. For example, Salesforce, which provides cloud solutions for businesses, has launched Salesforce Blockchain.

This work requires payers to collect complex data from different entities in order to determine what services a patient received and the patient’s specific plan. And everyonewants to know where in its lifecycle a claim currently is. As with anything centralized, this storage practice presents the risk of a single point of failure, placing sensitive information in jeopardy in the event of a data breach. It also puts one entity in control of the personal genomic data of millions of people. As climate scientists learned after the 2016 US elections, such control can be detrimental, as political views and shifting legislation can threaten the availability of scientific data.

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