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Georgia was also subject to the early Muslim battles in the 7th century CE.

When life thrived in Ethiopia, complex societies began to evolve with one of the kingdoms that was first founded was D’mt. In your lectures and when you are reading your textbook, make sure to try to put events, information, and other details in the overall picture. This existed between c.980 BCE – c.400 BCE.

How do they fit into? What is their importance to the overall picture? How can they help the sequence of events taking place? There’s nothing that you can’t learn or memorize when you use this method. The inhabitants from this kingdom created irrigation systems, utilized millet plows, used plows to plough, as well as iron weapons and tools. Utilizing mind maps is an effective method for displaying historical facts at a glance and connecting. Following The fall of D’mt, the Aksumite Kingdom was established at the time of 100 AD and ended around 940 AD.

Mind mapping is a way to visualize historical data such as events, ideas, and concepts with the help of words, symbols as well as images, colors and colors in a manner which improves clarity and understanding, and allows you to retain large quantities of information. The kingdom was later ruled by the Zagwe Dynasty, and the Solomonic Dynasty after that – Ethiopia was to remain controlled by a monarchy till 1974. Check out an example. Did You Not Know? After having created your mental map turn the connections and ideas you’ve identified into practical notes.

Ethiopia is among the few nations in Africa that was never colonized by any European power, yet it was invaded by the Italians from 1936 to 1941. Add to your notes what you have learned from studying your textbook or listening to lectures in class. 5. Retaining Important Information. Georgia. While we strongly recommend studying and learning about key data with a context-based understanding of the larger picture, some times rote memorization methods and strategies are needed in ensure that you can remember key dates, names, and the events you’re likely to encounter on your exam for history.

Year of founding: c.15th century BCE Founder(s): Colchians Capital City: Tbilisi Current Population: 3,729,600 (2016 estimate) When this happens, flashcards can be a useful instrument for storing facts, increasing recall and testing your retention. Source of the photo: Wikimedia Commons. To create a flashcard for your own, on one side of the 3×5 card write down a significant moment, date or even a specific fact. Georgia is a country that has its roots in the mythical kingdom of Colchis and the Kingdom of Karlti/Iberia. On the reverse you include the word "definition", or explanation.

Both kingdoms played a role in the Bronze Age of Eurasia, approximately 1500 BCE. The use of flashcards in learning is not new. In the 1500 BCE, the Kingdom of Colchis was frequently included as a part of Greek mythology, specifically in the myth of the Golden Fleece and Jason and the Argonauts.

It’s just the same effective today like it was 100 years ago. While these tales could just be myths powerful tribes actually set up smaller states inside Georgia in the 12th century BCE. Watch Movies! After an unremarkable Roman conquer around 666 BCE Rome along with the Iranian states battled over Georgia for over 700 years.

That’s right! Films can be effective in learning and learn about the history of our time. Georgia was also subject to the early Muslim battles in the 7th century CE. There are many films and documentaries available which accurately reflect historical instances.

Georgia was then controlled by The Persians in addition to Russia. While they are educational, many documentaries and films about historical events are also enjoyable. After a brief period independence from the Russian Empire, Georgia became part of the Soviet Union. Some films that focus on historical events aren’t true to historical facts. "Schindler’s List" is a film that depicts german-occupied Poland throughout World War II, offers some historical accuracy.

Georgian finally gained freedom in 1991. The film "Brave Heart" although moving and entertaining as it may be however, isn’t historical correct. Did You Not Know? If you’re committed to studying about the past, be sure that the movie you pick is accurate to historical reality. Georgia was the second country to accept Christianity at the beginning of the 4th century CE.

Reading Your History Book. Georgia was the first country to adopt Christianity in the early 4th century CE. The vast majority of historical events are documented in written text. Georgian Orthodox Church is one of the world’s oldest Christian churches. Therefore, it’s not a surprise to understand history, you must do an amount of reading. 4. Reading more does not necessarily mean you’ll gain more knowledge.

China was established c.2070 BCE. The goal is to extract the most knowledge and information from your textbook as quickly and efficiently as is possible. Year of Inception: c.2070 BCE Founder(s): Yu the Great Capital City: Beijing Current Population 1,403,500,365 (2016 estimate) Textbooks on history are composed of words, however the words used in them aren’t all equally valuable. Source of the photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Through identifying the hierarchy of words, you can discover more than 75 percent a book’s content , while only reading just 25 percent. The first Chinese dynasty was called the Xia Dynasty which lasted from c.2070 BCE – 1600 BCE. Read the title first.

There are no original evidence that date back to that Xia Dynasty as the written history of China goes all the way back to Shang Dynasty (c. 1600 BCE – 1046 BCE) but there are references to the Xia Dynasty is mentioned in historical chronicles, such as The Bamboo Annals , the Classic of History as well as the Records of the Grand Historian. The title of a majority of historical books will give an insight into the central idea within the text.

Prior to the time that excavations during the late far 1960s, and into the early 1970s exposed sites that offered strong evidence that the Xia Dynasty, many people believed that it was more a myth than actual.

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