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Iggy Azalea Threatens To Cut Off Nick Teenage’s Manhood

Wait, *What* performed Iggy Azalea simply Threaten to accomplish To Her Fiancé’s Johnson If He Cheats Again?

The Story

Iggy Azalea’s had it. After Los Angeles Laker D’Angelo Russell leaked a recording earlier on this spring season that proposed his teammate (and Azalea’s fiancé) Nick teenage had been cheating, she ended up being truly harshed aside. Regardless of if she’s not really a beloved public figure today, discovering your own companion’s most likely already been cheating for you via it getting an enormous news story is pretty sh*tty.

Recently, she told crazy 94.1 radio how she’d respond or no additional infidelity came to light in the future, and, wow, yikes, hold your shorts, gents, because this one gets artwork. Take A Visit: 

The Snapshot

The Lesson

First things very first: She keeps on changing the woman proportions, damn! Is actually she going to slice the whole D, 1 / 2 of it, a-quarter from it, or maybe just 25 % of an inch? This dude should at least have a very clear picture of how much cash of their penis duration the guy appears to sacrifice if the guy screws up once more down the road. Explore a completely new definition to uncut! 

Next, cheating is actually all messed up, absolutely. However, I think we could conclusively concur that vaginal mutilation is actually a worse sin. To some extent because, in addition to being frowned-upon by personal mores and religious messages, additionally it is unlawful. Have we discovered any lessons right here today? Challenging state. You shouldn’t hack, plus don’t assault people with knives are good mottos to live by. I make you thereupon, may they never ever steer you completely wrong. 

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