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Lotus Cookie

Dough made with 100% pure butter & the finest imported cookie spread

Allama Iqbal Town: 1881

Lotus Three Milk Cake

2.5 LBS
Lotus biscoff spread on top with cream cheese and a fluffy vanilla milky sponge with lotus crumbs on sides
Allama Iqbal Town: 1828

Triple Chocolate Cookie

Finest Belgian milk dark & white chocolate chunks thrown into a cookie dough which is made of pure butter

Allama Iqbal Town: 1826

Lotus Cake

2.5 LBS
Lotus biscoff spread with cream cheese on a fliffy vanilla sponge and crushed lotus biscuits on top
Allama Iqbal Town: 1806

Belgian Malt Cake

2.5 LBS
Made from purest belgian chocolate!
Allama Iqbal Town: 1896

Ferrero Rocher Cake

2.5 LBS
Made from 100% ferrero hazelnut chocolate & roasted nuts with ferrero rochers on the top!
Allama Iqbal Town: 1954

Ferrero Classic Cake

2.5 LBS
Made from 100% ferrero hazelnut chocolate & roasted nuts!
Allama Iqbal Town: 1741

Nutella Cake

2.5 LBS
Made from 100% nutella & imported cream!
Allama Iqbal Town: 1672

Red Velvet Cake

2.5 LBS
Cerème cheese frosting on valvety soft red sponge!
Allama Iqbal Town: 1396

Salted Caramel Cake

2.5 LBS
Salted caramel, Crème cheese and moist vanilla sponge!
Allama Iqbal Town: 1910

Raffaello Cake

2.5 LBS
Super moist vanilla sponge with loads of raffaello & white chocolate!
Allama Iqbal Town: 1906

Kit Kat Cake

2.5 LBS
Our best creamy milk chocolate with crunchy KitKat frosting on a velvety soft vanilla cake sponge.
Allama Iqbal Town: 1930

Chocolate Heaven Cake

2.5 LBS
Light chocolate icing & double layer of soft chocolate sponge!
Allama Iqbal Town: 1848

Malteser Cake

2.5 LBS
Made from premium belgian chocolate & maltesers!
Allama Iqbal Town: 1943

German Fudge Cake

2.5 LBS
Authentic fudge so light that it melts in your mouth!
Allama Iqbal Town: 1004

Chocolate Mousse Cake

2.5 LBS
The lightest chocolate cake in town!
Allama Iqbal Town: 1614

Coffee Cake

2.5 LBS
Light crème cheese icing with a 'sweet sense of coffee'!
Allama Iqbal Town: 1877

Dairy Milk Cake

2.5 LBS
Nothing but light dairy milk chocolate till the last bite!
Allama Iqbal Town: 1893

Galaxy Chocolate Cake

2.5 LBS
Swirls of galaxy on the outside & smooth galaxy chocolate inside!
Allama Iqbal Town: 883

Three Milk Cake

2.5 LBS
Vanilla sponge cake in three kind of milk; Whole milk, Evaporated milk and Condensed milk!
Allama Iqbal Town: 1053
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