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The triple header Authored by Garth Turner The Troubled Future of Real Estate

After next week my guess is the spooked out people will stop panicking and stop selling then there’ll be stabilization of the market. He finally decided to hold off buying, and he got a 6-month rental. He’s going to see how this all plays out before rushing into buying. News reported an oil tanker collided with a cargo ship off of Japan about a month ago.

TFSA and RESP are not dividend tax free for US equities ot equities traded on US exchanges that pay dividends. Of course you can have US equities/ETFs in your TFSA. But you will pay dividend tax on all dividends paid on these equities.

What is the formula for a typical portfolio breakdown of a Canadian pension plan?

But I think you fail to recognise how toxic Harper is for some of us. I will vote for “anybody but Harper”. The economy is only a tiny part of his failures. So for those of us who will not consider Harper no matter what, what then? Nope, I will be voting for whoever I think can send this man packing.

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As their lives progress they would, if they wish, gradually transition from full time workers to full time investors. They would embrace a philosophy of gathering wealth slowly over three or four decades. They would instantly recognize ponzi schemes and avoid them like the plague. It’s their job to invest capital, manage it properly, take business risks and ultimately, make a profit. It then becomes my job to consume those products and services while investing in (i.e. ‘supporting the success of’) organizations that are conducting good, competitive, and useful business.

What are Carrick’s tips on how to improve your personal finance game?

I get the impression that no one on the left really has any plans for how to replace all the jobs lost by shutting down or slowly strangling the oil and gas industry. Not everyone working on the rigs can be retrained to be a computer programmer or a civil servant. Ontario tried, and they did manage to create a small number of “cleantech” jobs, but that number is dwarfed by the number of jobs they’ve driven out through higher energy prices. Here in Alberta, I see the corporate tax reductions as a theft, facilitated by the previous Con govt, of the people of Alberta. This tax gift to Alberta Corporations was paid for by the Alberta citizens by reduced social services, health care and education spending. When the Cons decided to make the citizens, and not the Corporation, cough up the shortfall by taxing its citizens – the citizens revolted.

They increased the lifetime capital gains exemption on small business shares to $800K, etc. I’ve been lurking on this website for weeks; and, as a middle-aged professional who wants to buy her first home at some point, xsb token price I’m grateful for Garth’s invaluable insights on real estate. The stats on Vancouver RE sales from a respondent are extremely helpful, as are the comments and article links offered by many other respondents.

  • I seem to recall in the lead-up to the 2008 Alberta provincial election , the government had settled with the teachers by giving them a huge pay increase, something like 15% over three (or five?) years.
  • This will be the downfall which will choke their economies.
  • Why does it matter if the beneficiaries pay the tax on these profits?
  • The millennials are right in their observation.
  • You’re welcome to take up the torch.

One of the biggest CON media outlets that lie like a CON. They don’t deny Trudeau won but they down play the win to “ekes” out when the reality is he crushed Harper and Muclair beyond a doubt. Harper and Muclair are so scared of the big debate that harper REFUSES to show up and Muclair is talking about not showing up.

Not only that, you can write off the interest, make about 50% more, and may about 20% less tax. Calgary can grow forever in any direction, there is absolutely nothing that can justify that price premium except that people are retarded. The recent stock market gyrations are telling us something.

What are the most common ways to pay for financial advice?

And don’t give us that “best local candidate” horseshit because you and I both know that’s not how things work right now. For a vote to make a difference it has to work with first past the post and everyone knows that even thought “technically” we don’t elect prime ministers, we actually do. The Conservatives could put a plank of wood or a decorative plant to run for office in Calgary Southwest and then that plank of wood would be an MP.

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If paying dividends wasn’t profitable in the long run, companies obviously wouldn’t do it. And the Boomers own all the best real estate. This week I spoke with half a dozen Boomers who have acreages with houses, some with rentals as well, and they brag how they got them real cheap in the 70s and 80s.

What are Carrick’s tips for mutual funds?

And tax-free or retirement accounts for later on, since we’re now in a world of declining pensions. You can’t rent financial security. The people who bought those homes had to service huge mortgages on homes with constantly falling prices in an era where values went down each and every year. In fact the million mark wasn’t achieved again for almost twenty years. When real estate starts going down it never recovers quickly…..never. Look at those laughably misunderstood 50 years charts.

What’s the difference between index mutual funds and exchange traded funds?

And that sort of control, which is Harper’s greatest sin in my eyes, is exactly what we need to wrest control back from any elected government. If the Commie Pinkos are elected in then big business will not invest in Canada. Since we are drawers of water and hewers of wood then we will not be competitive for investment nor with our taxation levels. If Mulcair wins he will preside over the implosion of the Canadian economy, Canadian real estate and his own residence.

We all know this minimum wage increase would be a disaster. Poloz thought he was being all cute raising to 1.25%, but as I warned frequently over the years, deflation is the bigger longer-term problem, not inflation. Especially as the Canadian consumer debt bubble implodes.

They both try to attack Trudeau like two sliver spooned spoiled brats by avoiding the topics and make it personal. To bad Trudeau is more mature to fall for such child like games. Wow did Trudeau make Harper and Muclair look like fools at the debate. No wonder Harper what’s to AVOID the big debate and MUCLAIR is talking about avoiding it as well. Today, a Doctor can make more money on the stock market or in Real Estate than looking after the sick.

You’ll see that long waves of 7 to 10 years of up…. You know we’re in deep trouble when people start talking about buying a 550k house in Calgary as a ticket out of the insanety. You guys know the average house in the states costs 250k right?

If it were that easy, we’d have it. Smart people like Richard Vague claim rapid increases in debt, lead to asset price inflation. Vague claims “prices have increased well above the trend for those asset categories where the lending has been concentrated.” Simple words, but a complicated sentence. He’s saying that a rapid increase of prices beyond normal, is usually linked to an area of strong credit growth.

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